General questions
Global BUMSS a business community where you can freely put your ads, so you can improve branding your business to worldwide.
Global BUMSS owner is PT. BUMSS big companies in the field of Start UP Teknology information is headquartered in Jl. Ngagel Jaya Utara No. 150 Surabaya Indonesia.
Global BUMSS comes from the word : Global that means is the world (International) and from word : BUMSS which is the name of the Company from Indonesia, which means that the company currently has a very fast growth (boom).
Global Bumss very different from the Company's online ad who generally only limited advertising, global difference BUMSS among others:

1. Global BUMSS can be used / useful as a media business, advertising, communications to boost economic growth in each country (approximately 200 countries) in the world.

2. In addition to a focus on individual countries, Ads Global BUMSS also published as International business in the World.

3. Global BUMSS is the business community in the world, so PT. BUMSS hope someday advertisers around the world can meet and cooperate in a vision of the world.

There are three types of advertising, namely:
  • 1. Advertising Platinum 100% of the companies that advertise on our Platinum has been confirmed as a trustworthy company. ( hologram Platinum).
  • 2. Advertising Gold ( hologram Gold).
  • 3. And Silver Free Ads (without logos).
You can type a key word in addition to the country that category then click on the country that you want, click the Region, click city. Or you can directly click on the category and will appear ads that you find in all countries.
  • 7.1 First you must register as a member.
  • 7.2 Then you can choose the type of free advertising (silver) or paid (Gold and Platinum).
  • 7.3 Fill out and send the document required for listing ads in https://globalbumss.com/item/new
  • 7.4 The requested donation amount:
    •       7.4.1 Advertising Platinum 10,000 USD (listing for 10 years) a lump sum payment in advance.
    •       7.4.2 Gold Advertising costs 500 USD payments every year. So if extended, will cost 500 USD again.
    •       7.4.3 Advertising Free Silver.
  • 8.1 Firstly for Global BUMSS give special hologram on the ad 100 percent platinum so that buyers can trust the company or your product.
  • 8.2 Both our PT. BUMSS already verified that Platinum is an advertisement that is 100% trustworthy because we've been visiting the office or factory of ads platinum and hold a special MOU with Platinum advertisement.
  • 8.3 So if you as a buyer get a warranty products sold by Ad Platinum 100% safe and of high quality.
  • 8.4 And remember the ads platinum also has a listing duration of 10 years. So it actually costs only 1,000 USD per year. (Very small for branding your company) compared with an increase in turnover or profits of your company will be.
  • asd

No, you need to wait a maximum of 2 x 24 hours since we will assess your ad first.

Moreover, Gold and Platinum ads we will ensure their payment transactions in advance of them.

You can make a payment using a credit card or a pal pal with the purpose of payment transactions to the accounts of our company in email pt.bumss@gmail.com

  • 11.1 As a seller, if you get your prospect must conduct direct communication with your buyers by: ensuring the buyer's address, work address, your buyer authentic data, payment methods and clarity of product specifications requested.
  • 11.2 Provide estimates when your products arrive.
  • 11.3 Provide refund guarantee.
  • 11.4 And give the best possible service or services.
  • 11.5 Method of payment should you agree between you as the seller to the buyer.

You can make a payment using a credit card or pay pal to account pay pal: pt.bumss@gmail.com

Things you need to consider include:

  • 13.1 See the ads logo Platinum or Gold
    Because ad Platinum 100% trustworthy advertising and advertising Gold can also be trusted.
  • 13.2 direct communication with your sales by: ensuring address of the seller, the seller's office address, your seller authentic data, payment methods and clarity of product specifications you requested.
  • 13.3 Make a payment after the goods arrive at the place / in your home.

True partnership and we will do business with you all up to 20 years or 100 years into the future.

The ads come from about 200 different countries. When ads are written or delisting by the seller if the seller / Seller does not use correct grammar language of the country they originated will result in the display listings are not good at their language, when we read using a different language.

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