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Top Grilled Steak Tips to Follow

The time of the year that most people like to make grilled steak is during the summer. This is a very good time to invite your friend and family to eat the grilled steak. There is a very small number of people that can make a grilled steak that is near perfect. There are numerous recipes for making the ideal grilled steak especially when an infrared grill will be used. Fortunately, anybody can be able to learn how they can cook the best-grilled steak. Discussed here are the best ways that one can use to make the ideal grilled steak when using an infrared grill.

To begin with, you should not begin grilling the steak until it great war. You should only start grilling steak when it is ready to be grilled. If you do not ready the steak for grilling you should not begin grilling. A few hours before the steak is to be grilled you should take it out from refrigeration. You should then let the steak warm up to room temperature. Failure to do this will mean that you might get grilled steak that is burnt. The best grill to use is the infrared grill.

The second thing to do here is to season the steak before you grill it. The seasonings that should never miss are kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper. To get the best result you should have the steak salted a full day prior to grilling using an infrared grill. Just before you grill it, ensure that the steak has been patted down. You should season the steak with salt again. It is recommended that the black pepper should be sprinkled on the steak after it is grilled. Slating the steak before grilling means that the pepper will burn hence giving the steak an unpleasant flavor.

The last thing to do is to use only 2 levels of heat. This is something even if you are not using an infrared grill. The steak should first be grilled on the first level of heat. The low heat of the second level or zone is the ideal one to use to complete grilling the steak. The level of doneness that a grilled steak has can be measure by placing a meat thermometer. You can do some research so that you are clear on how hot a done grilled steak is. Once the grilled steak is ready, it is vital that it is given some time to breathe before you delve in to eat it.